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Chocolate Club

"The art of chocolate requires an ongoing devotion to pleasure."   Amedei

If you would like to be in the know and savor some of the rarest and highest quality chocolates one can find on this planet, consider becoming a member of our chocolate club. The  Chocolate Bonavita Club  is for those who would like to try a new chocolate bar regularly,  but cannot make it to our classes or tastings.  Four times per year, in the months of October, December, February and April, you will receive new, highest international award winning chocolates, meticulously selected by our certified chocolate experts. Your  chocolates will be accompanied by our How to Taste Chocolate Guide, a Flavor Wheel, Chocolate Profiles and Pairing Suggestions  to assist you in discovering new flavors and favorites. To assure you taste your chocolate at its best, we will not deliver during the months of May-September.

We would like to invite our members to a member-only annual Chocolate Tasting Party, to be held late January, when  you could try new chocolates, pair them with wine and spirits and meet fellow chocolate enthusiasts.  Members who cannot attend, will receive additional chocolates for Valentine‚Äôs Day.

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We give 10% of our profits to the . Let's celebrate the pleasures of the palate and give back to the rainforest.