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Our passion: Promoting the very best of chocolates.

Our credo: Chocolate is a meaningful and affordable luxury for the senses. We, the informed and conscientious consumers,  posses   the power to create a better future, BonaVita, for all through the enjoyment of most superbly crafted and ethically produced chocolates in the world. 

Our obsession: Assisting you, the chocolate enthusiast, in the exploration of chocolate via passionate education, thorough research and personalized approach.

Our collection lies at the intersection of the finest artisan and the very best of the organic, sustainable and fair trade chocolate. It is founded upon meticulous  research of new trends in cacao and chocolate making and above all on developing personal relationships with artisans to examine their methods and products  to best inform and inspire you.

Let's celebrate the pleasures of the palate and give back to the rainforest.
10% of our profits are dedicated to the  program.